Will Uncle Sam help Richmond County with storm clean up?

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News12 at 11 o'clock/ Feb. 19. 2014

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)----Augusta Richmond County could be forced to go into their savings to pay for the storm cleanup. The state needs millions in damages and each affected county needs thousands in order to receive help from Uncle Sam.

Edmund Booth lives on Almond road. He's been raking branches and picking up trash ever since the ice storm.

"We just hope the damage sustained by these hardwoods is not sufficient to lead to an early demise of them," said Augusta Resident Edmund Booth.

The clean up for his home didn't cost a lot. Richmond County is still adding the clean-up costs.

"If we don't get the federal funding, it's just an awful big check, we are going to have to write," said Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson.

"It's going to be a huge blow, if we don't receive those federal dollars. I can tell you that," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

With eleven new trucks and paychecks for county employees, contractors and haulers, the storm is costing the Environmental Services Department $500,000.

"We've split them up into two crews. They are all working 12 hour shifts," said Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson.

The fire department responded to regular calls like this fire while also cutting trees and transporting people without power.
The price tag could be around $100,000.

"The affect it would have on your budget as a total, we are still figuring out," said Augusta Fire chief Chris James.

The amount keeps growing with the city's engineering department. They hired tree contractors and paid overtime to employees. They're projecting a minimum of $500,000 as well.

Estimates show this storm will cost Augusta Richmond County well over a $1 million. The question is how much of that will Uncle Sam help pay for?

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