Who is Mayor Deke Copenhaver throwing his support behind?

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ 5/5/14

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A big fundraiser coming up on Wednesday night is causing quite the stir. It'll cost you between a hundred -- and a thousand dollars if you want to go.

It's not the fundraiser itself raising eyebrows, though. It's the host and according to the invite it's Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

The event is for Senator Hardie Davis who's running for mayor job. Some are wondering is this an endorsement.

The Mayor's assistant Al Dallas is not calling this an endorsement but just about everyone else disagrees. Mayoral candidate Helen Blocker-Adams says her supporters are furious.

In 2005 Mayoral Candidate Helen Blocker Adams supported Copenhaver for Mayor.

"Helen is just an amazing woman and to get her endorsement and to really see unity happening today. I'm blessed to be here," Copenhaver said.

The years bring about a change. "I haven't established at this point. I think I'm going to wait and see unity 2014--and I don't know if I'll publicly endorse or not," Copenhaver said.

Mayor Copenhaver's response was quite different at the end of 2013 about who he'd support as mayor. Now this week his name is at the top of a flier for a political fundraiser for Senator Hardie Davis.

"I'm not upset that he's endorsing another candidate but I can tell you I have a lot of supporters that are absolutely furious. I've been getting text messages and Facebook messages where people are saying I can't believe this," said Mayoral Candidate Helen Blocker-Adams.

The mayor's assistant says this event is not an endorsement. "If you're going to host something, it's an endorsement for somebody. I'm hosting some events for Alvin but I'm not doing it secretively," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

"I'm tired of some of these people who say they don't want to jump the fence either way. People need to come on and make a stand," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

Commissioner Grady Smith went on to say he's voting for Senator Davis for mayor while Commissioner Marion Williams says he's been hitting the pavement campaigning for Alvin Mason.

"I think Alvin is the person who can lead this city forward and make Augusta the city it should be," Williams said.

"Mr. Davis is highly educated as an engineer from Georgia Tech," Smith said.

Blocker-Adams predicts this time there won't be a runoff and she believes in the end at least one of the other four will end up supporting her.

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