When rain comes down, sewage comes up in South Augusta neighborhood

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News 12 11pm / Saturday, May 17, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) --When rain comes down sewage comes up, in one South Augusta neighborhood. It's been a couple of days since rain in hit Virginia Ave, but the area is still dealing with problems from showers we saw earlier this week.

Virginia Ave may be dry now, but problems from rain earlier this week are still around.

"Waste. Everything from feminine products to..." things Vicki Blanchard doesn't even want to mention or News 12 wants to tell you about, but just imagine everything you flush down the toilet flowing in your front yard.

Last year News 12 got the city to hose down the trash on Virginia Ave and neighbors were told not to worry.

"They say they fixed it and every time it rains really hard we have a problem," Blanchard told News 12.

The director of Augusta Utilities tells News 12 crews will come out early next week to help unclog the drain and that a project is being finalized right now, for a bid to work on the truck sewer to have a more permanent solution.

"It just flows down the street and empties out into my yard," said Jamie McGahee as she showed pictures of her front yard covered with sewer water.

Having a one year old at home makes it even tougher for McGahee to get to her car when she's got to walk through puddles of nasty water, something her neighbor down the street can relate to.

"If we are going to get out or walk back to our car we have to take off our shoes if we don't want to ruin a pair of shoes walking in waste," Blanchard told News 12.

With reminders in yard and on the street Blanchard just hopes everything gets fixed quickly, because she thinks it could lead to her getting sick.

"E-coli, waste, or whatever I don't know--scary," she told News 12.

Something that could be adding to the problem is people pouring grease down the drain. The city says that's not the main reason that area is seeing problems, but it definitely adds to their problems.

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