What you need to know before you head to the voting polls

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ 5-19-14

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)------The phone's have been ringing non-stop at the Richmond County Board of Elections Office.

Officials tell News 12 voters are calling with last minute questions about Tuesday primary. We're told the latest news of Mayoral Candidate Helen Blocker-Adams officially withdrawing her candidacy is also raising lots of questions.

Tony and Elaine Henderson went to the Richmond County Board of Elections Office to find out where their polling precinct is. They were shocked to find out the woman who had their vote is no longer running for the office.

"I think she would have been a great mayor. We found out she withdrew today and so now our support will go to Hardie but my heart belongs to Helen," said Voter Elaine Henderson.

"It's not the first time she's run for office. It smells of dirty tricks to me. She's had some money problems in her background," said Voter Tony Henderson.

Blocker-Adams financial past came to light . She admitted to owing three creditors more than $70,000. she was also late on rent multiple times. The Henderson's believe everybody has money problems at one time or another.

"All of us have had hardships and it's to bad that all this didn't come out sooner," said Voter Elaine Henderson.

The ballots have already been printed so Blocker-Adams name will still appear on tomorrow's ballot.

"What it means in a nut shell for voters in Richmond County is their is simply one less candidate to vote for in the mayor's race," said Board of Elections Supervisor Lynn Bailey.

All of the voting polling sites will have this withdrawn candidate notice up basically stating any votes for a withdrawn candidate will be null and void. For anyone who has already cast a vote for Blocker-Adams, they cannot vote again.

The Henderson's now have to figure out who they're going to vote for in the Mayor's Race.

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