What does it take to be Mayor of Augusta?

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ Monday, May 12, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Mayor Deke Copenhaver is endorsing State Senator Hardie Davis in Augusta's race for Mayor. Over the weekend the Augusta Chronicle endorsed Helen Blocker-Adams.

Thousands are expected to head to the polls to vote for the next mayor
Five candidates want the job but what does it really take?

Augusta Richmond County's Charter states the mayor is the executive officer of the county. He or she runs all commission meetings, signs contracts involving businesses or services the city is involved with and ensures all county laws, ordinances and resolutions are followed.
In addition to all of that, Mayor Deke Copenhaver answers tough questions from commissioners and the media.

Copenhaver says answering tough questions was on the job training. While the mayor's training in Atlanta teaches what can and cant be done. He says the training the two day session just isn't enough.

"The volume of calls, emails and people calling you at home all the time. I don't think anything can completely prepare you for what you go through sitting in this seat," said Copenhaver.

Copenhaver says his first test came after Public Works Director Teresa Smith was fired. He says he was tested again especially after the firing of Tom Beck.

"One of the first things they teach you which I remember vividly is to never play employee issues in the press. We were told that sets the government up for a legally liable situation," said Copenhaver.

Copenhaver went on to mention the qualities the next mayor must possess. "So often I've been told well you will never get that done. The convention center is a great example. I was told go back to the drawing board. We eventually got that accomplished. I would also say the mayor needs compassion," said Copenhaver.

Mayor Copenhaver says he's not worried about what the naysayers will say about his time running Augusta.

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