Wet and cold conditions have drivers dodging pot holes

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Monday, March 17th, 2014

(WRDW)- Pot hole, after pot hole, after pot hole.

"We have had a lot more than normally especially with the weather that we've had," said Larry McClure.

A combination of wet roads and a harsh winter is exactly what causes pot holes to pop up.

"It has a tendency to cause the asphault to crack.
The cracks open up and let water in and that causes freezing so they expand and come out," said McClure.

Some roads in Columbia County already have drivers dodging pot holes. The problem areas are Belair Frontage Road and Tubman Road. I drove on both streets today and it was a bumpy ride.

North Augusta is no stranger to pot hole problems. Just last week one woman's car got stuck. Her left tire completely in the hole,
and had to be towed.

"Nothing was in the hole there were crates sitting outside. There's no tape. There's no warning to say there was a hole just a whole lot of water," said Adele Martin.

Pot holes can cause major damage to your car and your wallet.

"Bent suspension, bent rim on the car, sometimes it will damage the tire and knock a hole in the tire. We like to put all new suspension on the vehicle which can be quite costly," said Rusty Campbell.

"We will refer that claim to the state as they are the owner and have ultimate maintenance responsibility for those roads," said Tom Zeaser.

Back in columbia county, they've got crews using new machines solving pot hole problems daily, but they need you to help find them.

"We got 1800 roads 730 miles of road so to keep track and to get them before they happen is virtually impossible. Report it before hand," said McClure.

If you're in Columbia County they have a pot hole app. You can report it online or call 3-1-1 and it's the same number in Richmond County.
Those in North Augusta just call the streets and drains department.