West Augusta sees some of the worst of the storm

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Friday, Feb. 14, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Augusta has become one of the hardest hit cities in the south after the latest winter storm.

Many have spent the day cleaning up while crews are trying to restore power.

West Augusta is one of the hardest hit areas in town.

Commissioner Mary Davis says the area is full of old trees that have fallen because of ice.

"It was a lot of noise. It was really hard to get to sleep," Molly Melvin said.

Melvin lives in West Augusta and said it looked like a tornado touch down.

On Walton Way there are no signal lights seeing fallen trees and fallen power lines to each side.

"It looks like a warzone. We have so many old trees and power lines that are down," Davis said.

Davis said her district is one of the worst in the city.

The hills and surrounding neighborhoods are full of old trees. Left over storm debris lines Lancaster sSreet and took out power lines at the GRU Summerville campus.

"It's hard to drive around and look in the Walton Way area out to West Augusta. It's hard to look at but they are working to clear the road," Davis said.

We found a cable company reattaching the line. The problem is no one on Walton Way has had power or been able to take a shower for days.

No lights mean all the food in the fridge is now trash.

"It's something you think twice about being able to have," Melvin said.

Commissioner Davis says she'll be pushing for more SPLOST dollars and the storm water fee. She says you can look at her area to see why.

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