Weekend crime in South Augusta

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Deputies say seven men attacked one man and sent him to the hospital. Now, the rest are in jail.

Just an hour later and one mile away, a shooting with a 4-year-old hiding from flying bullets.

"I was laying in the bed and I heard this noise go boom, boom, boom," Martha Dicks said.

Early Saturday morning, Richmond County deputies responded to a shooting on Formosa Drive. In the daylight, bullet holes and shattered glass show where the shots were fired.

According to the report, a black male kicked in the front door and started shooting on Formosa Drive.

One neighbor, who is too afraid to go on camera, said she saw it happen. According to her eyes, it started with a group of guys in the street and 30 seconds later gun shots were fired.

Inside the house, victims hid from the bullets, the report said. One of those victims was a 4-year-old.

"That's something else with the little kids because her grandkids are always over there and that's why I hope that nothing like that happens again," Dicks said.

One victim believes it's gang related, the report said.

About an hour later, deputies were called just a mile away to a Waffle House on Peach Orchard Road where a group of men attacked an 18-year-old. Deputies say all seven attackers were charged with battery and unlawful street gang activity.

"It is leading us to the avenue to probably suspect that it is gang related, but that's not confirmed yet," Sergeant Shane McDaniel said.

But with the word "gang" in the actual charge we asked what it meant to get that charge. McDaniel said they look for certain criteria.

"The markings on their body, body gestures, hand movements, also they might have in possession what they call a gang bible or street bible which teaches us a lot," Sgt. McDaniel said.

With the help of the community, seven people are behind bars.

"Putting our tools together with the community's tools... it results in arrests and that's what we did in this case," McDaniel said.

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