Wedding party saves more than 20 horses at Dogwood Stable fire

stables in aiken, fire
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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aiken, SC (WRDW) - "I was here, before you know it, I was there," explained Victor Sambrano, who rescued horses at the Dogwood Stables. "I came in there and grabbed him out."

It was quick five minutes. Five minutes, he'll likely never forget.

"Somehow I saw the smoke, came out, and I told my friends, lets go get the horses out," he said.

And they did just that, rescuing every horse from each stall.

"Came back and tried to grab the next one," he told News 12's Patrick Price.

Until all 24 horses were out and safe.

"I was the first one to go in the stall, It was just smoke, you could see the flames coming out," he explained.

Ron Stevens is especially thankful for guys like Sambrano.

"Normally we would only have one man in the afternoon but fortunately there was a wedding going on."

He had dozens of guys rush over from the wedding, just minutes after the flames broke out.

"A lot of these fellas saw it and jumped in and helped us get the horses out," Stevens said.

"The horse couldn't sit still," said Sambrano. "I couldn't stay in, I took my shirt off because I thought my shirt was going to get on fire."

He made it out alive but took in too much smoke. He then was rushed to the hospital but he says it's something he had to do.

"I like the horses and that's why I did it," he said.

Millions of dollars saved, not in money but in precious life. Something, Sambrano takes very close to his heart.

"I would be happy if somebody saved my horse too, I would do the same thing for them," he said.