Website says college president and staff need to be fired immediately

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News 12 at 11 /Friday, July 11, 2014

Paine College (WRDW-TV)

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Enough is enough. That's the message to Paine College's Board of Trustees. A group wants the president and his staff out. They all claim to be current and former students, and as News 12 reports, they're holding their protest for all to see on the internet.

Kendric Brown doesn't attend class at Paine College anymore.

"Basically I was dismissed from the school," he told News 12.

The private Methodist college recently told Brown to leave because of marijuana found in his dorm room after a discussion the college says was heated and Brown describes as cordial.

"Asking the Dean of Students if something could be done about our bathrooms," Brown said.

One website,, agrees with Brown. The site says the school needs to fix where students live, worry less about building gyms and community centers, and fire the college's president and his staff right away.

"I don't know the validity of the website," said Annie Rodgers, a graduate and President of Paine's local alumni chapter.

"I think he needs to be given a chance to correct the deficiencies that have been leveled against the college," she added.

In June the college was put on probation, which can lead to closing its doors because of the way it handles money. That's another reason the site's developers say it's time for Bradley to leave.

"He has no business being the president for anyone," Brown told News 12.

That's not what Rodgers believes. "I think he is good for the college," she said.

While both disagree on leadership, they see eye to eye on the people behind the website. They call it cowardly.

"Why do it discreetly so that nobody knows who is doing it?" asked Rodgers.

"We are giving them what they want. They want you to be scared. They want you to have fear of them, and that's how they operate," Brown said of Paine College administration,

While the school's standing with it's accrediting body won't be revealed until next June, Saturday the executive board will meet. The school says they will only discuss accreditation solutions and not the future of Dr. Bradley's role as college president.

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