Water line breaks plague Augusta neighborhood

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It's been a problem years in the making. A problem, Christy Cunningham and her neighbors are almost drowning in.

"We need to stop patching and start repairing," Cunningham said. "Most of the neighbors feel that they don't care what goes on down in the area."

Cunningham counted four water line breaks, all happening in the last week on the streets of the Marion Home Subdivision.

"The city has come out on Wednesday and repaired it, it ruptured again on Thursday, they came out Thursday and worked on it Thursday and now here we are again with another rupture, in fact we have two in the neighborhood today," she told News 12's Patrick Price.

The ruptures have closed streets, and even closed part of the neighborhoods entrance that's currently flooded with rushing water.

"They're in bad shape and need to be replaced," says Tom Wiedmeier with the City of Augusta.

It's a problem he has known for quite some time. But when the issue came to the surface a few days ago, he knew something had to be done.

"We're going to go in, when the engineering department upgrades the streets and the drainage, we're going to replace the water lines at that time," Wiedmeier said.

Those water lines are more than 50-years-old. Wiedmeier says when one rupture was patched up, the pressure forced another rupture to occur.

"We've got crews out there working to repair the breaks and will stay with it until it's fixed," he said.

Cunningham says she's not holding her breath. She's heard it all before.

"They told us they're going to replace it for the last ten years, and yet we have not had anything done here," she said.