Water back on after 5 days

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Friday, May 30th, 2014

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW) -- When renters in a mobile home park were left high and dry they asked us to help them get water again.

It had been off for 5 days, and News 12 is On Your Side with what to do if that ever happens to you.

"That's my hot water. That's my cold water, and that's on full. That's the most water we've had in 5 days," she said.

From the kitchen, to the shower. There was no water for Miranda Scritchfield. Dishes piled up in the sink, and clothes filled to brim of the basket. Miranda and other families struggled to live without water.

"It's been quite horrible. I have two children, and a husband here, and we're having to go to family members homes, or friends homes, to take showers," Scritchfield said.

"It was an act of God-- This was a lightning strike, none of the tenants did this to themselves," Scritchfield said.

This well is the root of the problem. After it was struck by lightening five days ago, and with no electricity that means no water. You can clearly see on this gauge that there is no water in this well which is affecting about 20 families and two businesses.

"We have to live. We have to have water," Scritchfield said.

Their water came back on, but it's something those who live at Cherokee Mobile Homes said should have been taken care of day one.

"It shouldn't have been but a day, in my opinion. That, when they found out this well got fried, the next morning they should have had someone here taking care of this situation, but they did not," Scritchfield said.

If that water didn't get turned back on, Columbia County Code Enforcement tells news 12, the owner would be in some trouble. They said the owner has to provide water at all times, and if not his renters could be kicked out.

"We're all suffering out here," said Sharon Garnett.

For Sharon Garnett it wasn't just a nuisance but a health hazard. Garnett is an amputee, and hasn't been able to clean her leg.

"It's going to be a medical problem soon because the rash is so bad. It's been a rough five days, it really has," Garnett said.

Luckily their water came back on, and the landlord said it would be $7,000 to fix the problem, something he couldn't afford to do in the past five days. Code enforcement said it doesn't matter the reason, If you can't get water because of your landlord, you need to call code enforcement right away.

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