Voters react to Helen Blocker-Adams' campaign suspension

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News 12 at 11 / Thursday, May 15, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A major announcement comes just days before voters head to the polls to pick Augusta's next Mayor.

Helen Blocker-Adams announced she's suspending her campaign.

News 12 has been investigating her financial past, and from unpaid loans to a foreclosure, we've uncovered a long list of money problems.

Although, some voters are still backing her.

One supporter says Blocker-Adams is still on the ballot and deserves your vote. Another one says she's just not going to vote and Blocker-Adams' money problems have nothing to do with it.

"These last few days have been hard and humiliating," Blocker-Adams said.

Helen Blocker-Adams, the woman who wanted to be Augusta's next mayor, will now watch from the sidelines.

"Effective immediately, I am suspending my campaign and my run for mayor," Blocker-Adams said at a news conference on Thursday.

The decision comes after a tough week for Blocker-Adams. Unpaid loans and back rent brought her to this point. One of her volunteers says her money issues shouldn't be held against her.

"Her name is still on the ballot, and it's up to the voters," campaign volunteer Linda Sims said.

With only 5 days left for voters to pick a candidate, today's announcement by Blocker-Adams could make things a little easier for some voters. Others are still wavering.

"I'm very indecisive right now, but I'm leaning towards not voting," Tiwatha Busbee said.

Busbee says Blocker-Adams' money trouble has nothing to do with her lack of enthusiasm, and she thinks voters shouldn't hold money problems against any candidate.

"Everyone. We've all gone into a recession, and we've had to deal with financial issues, so I don't think one person's financial business is another person's business," Busbee said.

That statement is something Blocker-Adams might disagree with now. Today she admitted her campaign staff had no idea and that she should have told them.

"If my executive team knew what they know now, they would have advised me not to run for mayor," she said.

So, while her finances might have cost her some votes, they won't cost her all of them. Some have already cast their ballots during early and advance voting. Some won't vote at all.

"If I had to count on her financial status, it wouldn't matter anyway, because that's not what I would've considered in the booths to consider her for a candidate," Busbee said.

On Tuesday, Blocker-Adams admitted at one point she owed more than $70,000 on a foreclosure, loans, and car. She was determined to continue the race, but after news of back rent that almost got her evicted multiple times, she backed off.

We've attached Blocker-Adams' full statement for you to listen to.

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