Volunteers in Aiken give back to community through wheelchair ramps

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aiken, S.C. (WRDW) - In every piece of wood, there's a memory for Larry Macy.

"There are several ramps that you remember more than others," said Macy.

Those ramps tell stories, stories of struggle.

He's been volunteering with the United Way of Aiken for almost a decade.

Along side a dozen other men who have helped build close to 200 wheelchair ramps.

"All ages, and all very thankful for what the guys have done," Macy said to News 12's Patrick Price.

And the thank you's will never stop.

"We were so appreciative, we just didn't know what we were going to do," said Russell Smith.

Russell and Sylvia Smith felt stranded.

"Very high steps for a very short person," said Sylvia Smith.

And with no way of getting their wheelchairs into their home, they called out for help.

"You're lost, you have the chairs but you can't really use them," said Russell.

The United Way of Aiken answered, building them a new wheelchair ramp through Project Vision.

The project helps those who are less fortunate, with repairs around their homes.

"We knock it out in about 3 or 4 hours," said Macy.

The best part of it all for Terry Macy?

"When the person actually opens the door and comes down in the ramp, with a big smile on their face," he said.

And Macy knows he's giving someone the freedom, they might have never gotten.