Veterans celebrate Independence Day

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Friday, July 4th, 2014

AIKEN, SC (WRDW)- The Fourth means fireworks, cook outs, and time with family and friends, but it's those who serve for our country that make all that possible.

Daniel Edwards was deployed in the Philippines, ran combat missions, saved lives, and sometimes he feared for his own.

"There was a couple times when we were fast roping in, and they decided to take fire on us and we were 50 feet up in the helicopter sliding down this fast rope and I mean once you're up there there's no going back," said Edwards.

Edwards says every life fearing moment is worth it.

"There's a greater good that needs to be done, and when you sign that dotted line that's what you do," said Edwards.

Edwards joined the Marine Corps right after high school and spent four years serving our country. He says stepping back on American soil is a tough transition. Edwards lost his job, his apartment, and soon he was a homeless hero. Over 2 million people are enlisted in the military and Edwards says when they come home it's easy to feel lost.

"I could relate to everybody I was around for four years then I get back and I couldn't relate to anybody," said Edwards.

Edwards says thanks to the Augusta Warrior Project he has turned his life around, and even though its been rough he would do it all again.

"It was something I wouldn't trade for the whole world. The lessons it taught me about life. The maturity it brought me, the experience, the people I met, the places I've been, the people I've helped along the way," said Edwards.

It's today of all days that he's grateful for what he has and what he's been through.

"I realize the sacrifices me and the men and women before me that have made and will make after me for this country to be the greatest country on earth. The heart you have to have to serve in the military so people can still celebrate the fourth of July," said Edwards.

If you've ever served and are struggling to get in touch with the Augusta Warrior Project at 706-951-7506.