Veins Guys opens for first time since tragic plane crash

The Vein Guys (From The Vein Guys website)
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW) -- News 12 has just learned The Vein Guys office has opened for the first time since a plane crash killed five members of the staff on Feb. 20.

Those who died included Chief Physician Dr. Steve Roth, Kim Davidson, Heidi McCorkle, Tiffany Porter and Lisa Volpitto.

In a news release, a spokesperson for The Vein Guys says they reopened their offices and began seeing patients earlier this week. She advises that all patients with appointments within the past two weeks will be rescheduled over the next 30 days.

“Our employees are back to work, ready to reopen our doors,” said Kelly Vann, chief operations officer for The Vein Guys. “It was a difficult time and while we grieve those we lost, we know the best
way to remember them is to move forward in their memory.”

The practice has also opened the Atlanta and Nashville offices back up, too.

“We will keep our Raleigh, N.C., office closed until otherwise noted; however, all patients have been rescheduled, and we expect the closure to have a minimal impact on our overall business,” Vann said.

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