Vandals damage donated cars

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Augusta, GA (WRDW)- Broken windows and shards of glass are what's littered the salvation army's parking lot this morning.
Officials say vandals climbed over the fence to the lot where the charity keeps cars waiting to be auctioned.

Beth Bargeron, a representative with the Salvation Army said how much these cars could help, "Four cars could really mean a lot. A couple of cars are nice cars back here.

Four cars were set to be auctioned off next month, but now are damaged. Rocks and bottles were thrown straight through windows of the donated vehicles. Some are luxury vehicles.

"People are collectors of those cars and things like that so there's no telling how much that could have brought in undamaged at the auction," said Bargeron.

A BMW could have fetched up to 20,000 dollars and others will only bring in a few hundred. All the money goes to a good cause, the Salvation Army's drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

"Every auction we keep these cars out in the auction yard and get them ready, wash them, get them new batteries, and clean them out and stuff like that for the auction. This is the first time this has happened," said Bargeron.

Four of the 55 cars meant for the auction aren't ready to be sold.

Bargeron said, "It is discouraging because we see the staff here work so hard and the donors are so important, and they do so much by giving to the Salvation Army."

Bargeron said that they look at each car in the auction yard as a life that could be saved, and with auction just around the corner she hopes people will still help.

"We're just hoping people will continue to give and give even more because we've had this hard time here."

If you do want to donate the Salvation Army will pick up donated cars until January 24th. After that day donors will have to bring in the car. The deadline to donate is January 28th. The auction will take place February 1st.

If you have questions or a vehicle to donate contact the Auction Coordinator at 706-826-7933 ext. 3178

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