Vacant, overgrown lots in Augusta causing snake problem

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News 12 First at Five / Monday, June 17, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It's heating up outside, and that, along with all of the rain we've seen lately, is causing grass and weeds to take over.

With so many overgrown lots in Augusta, neighbors are starting to say they feel like they're living in the jungle, complete with the wildlife.

King Dred says the tall grass next door is causing a snake problem.

"Snakes have their place in the world, but that place is not at Kent Street," he said.

He says the taller the grass gets in the abandoned lots beside his house on Kent Street, the more wildlife they see.

"We also have a big rat population, field mice, opossums and things of that nature," he said.

Dred can handle most critters, but when it comes to snakes, no matter what kind they are, he is not a fan.

"I was told that they were rat snakes. But, a rat snake, a cat snake, a bat snake, I don't care, a snake is a snake," he said.

He's frustrated because he and his neighbors have cut the grass in the vacant lots on their street for years now, but he's saying enough is enough.

"It's not my responsibility or my place to pay someone to maintain this. It's becoming a financial burden on me," he said.

And, with all of the rain we've gotten lately, the grass and weeds have been growing out of control.

Dred has complained to the city, but so far, hasn't gotten a response.

"The city needs to do a better job at keeping this property cut, as well as a lot of other properties around the city," he said.

Augusta's code enforcement says they used to handle those complaints, but the city ordinance was just changed a couple of months back. Now, the Environmental Services Division handles those calls.

The change has caused some backlog, and they've got even more work to do thanks to the rain. They say if you have a complaint about an overgrown lot, call the city's 311 line to report it.

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