Using social media to prevent crime

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Monday, May 12, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A Saturday night shooting shook up what neighbors say is a quiet neighborhood. A Richmond County deputy was working a routine traffic stop when the shooting victim approached him.

Deputies say Levi Frank, 29, shot Shane Brock in the face outside of Renaissance Village Apartments on 3rd and Broad Streets.

In 18 years, Edna Isdell has never seen her street light up like it was on Saturday night.

"[I thought] Oh my goodness, what's happening here? Because it's so unusual," Isdell said.

Isdell and many others were shocked when they heard gun fire. Frank allegedly shot Shane Brock in the face, outside of Renaissance Village Apartments. Which is just a stones throw away from Isdell's home.

"Everybody looks out for each other and we know who's cars belongs to which, people that live in the apartments, the houses, etc. So we're kind of watching each other," Isdell said.

Isdell keeps and eye on the streets and on her computer. She uses the website Next Door, which is a 21st Century neighborhood watch.

Next Door is a private social network.

First, you have to verify your address, and what neighborhood you live in. Once your in the network you will receive emails and alerts. For thousands that's the main source to keep an eye on neighborhood crime.

"If you see anything suspicious alert them and they take it from there and connect it to the sheriff's department too," Isdell said.

Isdell was a victim herself two years ago. Luckily, the quick police response caught the intruder in a matter of minutes.

"Right here in the living room, and now he's serving 20 years," Isdell said.

She believes having Next Door will solve crime even faster. Those who live in Olde Town said it has a 100 percent success rate. Everytime they've used it deputies have arrested a suspect. Isdell said the key to safety isn't just online, but knowing who's next door.

"That's the main thing. Know who's next door, living across from you, caddy corner, and across the street," Isdell said.

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