Undercover drug sting shocks neighbors

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Sunday, June 29th, 2014

AIKEN, CO. (WRDW)- A long running undercover drug investigation is over, but for neighbors the shock of it all is still sinking in.

Flashing blue lights, and several Aiken County deputy cars block Chressie Tillman's road, and a drug bust was last thing tillman thought it would be.

"Really on my street?" said Tillman.

Neighbors say more than 10 Aiken County deputies came out of a Uhaul truck with what they say looked like A-K 47's and raided a home on Florence Street.

"I'm always laughing about my neighbors being so quiet because I live across from a cemetery so I never thought something like this would have happened on this street," said Tillman.

This was the culmination of a long undercover operation between Aiken County and Aiken Public Safety. In the home they found cocaine, crack cocaine, money, and guns. They arrested Prince Thomas on a slew of drug charges , and Quishon Islar who was in the house at the time of the raid.

All this happening less than a mile from a school.

"It frightened me because I'm here most of the time by myself and to know that things can happen just suddenly, just ordinary out of the blue in your neck of the woods," said Tillman.

Go back a few months ago, a similar raid in Aiken back in March put 6 people behind bars for trafficking cocaine. This one also half a mile from a school.

"We need to get drugs and guns off the streets, but it can't happen overnight. It didn't start over night, it's not going to go away overnight," said Tillman.

Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt says "These arrests are an example of information being shared between citizens and law enforcement." Tillman says communication like that needs to happen more often.

Prince is facing several charges including drug trafficking and the intent to sell crack cocaine near a school. They picked up Islar on outstanding warrants.