USC to possibly auto-accept students into smaller campuses

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News 12 This Morning/Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013

(WRDW)--"I applied to many different universities but, when I got accepted here, I came and visited and of all the other ones, this campus was definitely the most personable and community-like so I chose to go here," said Hazel Kelley.

USC Aiken sophomore Kelley tells me that community-like feel is important to her.

But, the community may soon grow. Some students who don't make it into the main USC Columbia campus may automatically get accepted into smaller USC system campuses, including USC Aiken.

Dr. Deidre Martin with USC Aiken says officials considering this method in hopes of helping more students an option for higher education.

"The system is a wonderful thing because there's a campus of every size to meet every need," Dr. Martin said. "So, we think this could be a very good thing for the state of South Carolina."

Kelley says she agrees, but has just one worry.

"I just hope that the people who are in charge, the officials, they just look into the fact that everybody isn't college ready," Kelley explained.

She says she wants all her future classmates to be ready for the curriculum.

"We have to look into each case and make sure that they meet the requirements for our university or the other USC universities because we do have standards here as well."

Something Dr. Martin says officials are already considering.

"USC Aiken has pretty high admissions standards so we'll have to make sure and so we'll have to make sure they'll meet our standards," she said. "But of course we do have the 2 year schools throughout the state that have a little bit more of an open enrollment. The goal is to get more South Carolinian's educated."

Kelley says, overall, she has high hopes for any future students who might be auto-accepted.

"I just hope that even though USC Aiken might not have been their first choice, when they do come here they embrace it and love our campus just like we do."

Officials are considering this auto-accept option for 2015.

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