UPDATE: Deceased identified in downtown Augusta shooting

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Monday July 22, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)--It was like any other Monday afternoon for Brenda Bailey, who works next door to the Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Office.

And then the unexpected happened.

"We were sitting here and we heard the sirens," said Bailey. "And I looked outside and I saw seven, eight police cars coming."

Shots fired--leaving 29-year-old Travis Berrian dead and one female probation officer hit.

Richmond County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the scene around 4:30 pm.

"We saw a lot of people running around, scared," she said. "And when I was going to the corner, they had people running out and running across the streets."

Since it happened in a government building the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the shooting.

About 16 to 20 people were in the building at the time of the shooting.

Investigators tell us Berrian, who was on probation with active warrants, was called into the office.

"The probation office was in the process of taking him into custody," said GBI Special Agent Pat Morgan. "When they began taking him into custody, a struggle ensued and during that struggle, shots were fired."

Special Agent Morgan says at least two shots were fired.

Berrian had another run-in with the law back in 2010 when deputies were trying locate him for questioning in the double homicide of of 17-year-old Nancy Kushman and 19-year-old Angela Brooks.

At that time, we spoke to the sister of one of those victims who did not want to show her face.

She said, "It's hard to say what I feel towards him because I have so many different emotions. What I feel is rage. I have no kind words for him whatsoever."

As for today's events, Brenda Bailey tells me after 15 years working next door to the probation office, she's never experienced anything like this.

"I hope everything is fine because there are some nice ladies who workover there," she said.

Special Morgan tells me the female probation officer was helping with the arrest when she was shot.

We still have no word on her condition at this time.

As for Berrian, an autopsy is schedule for Wednesday at the GBI lab in Atlanta.

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