UPDATE | Grovetown inmates back in custody

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

GROVETOWN (WRDW) -- A search for two fugitives is now over. The two men that escaped Grovetown jail are back behind bars, and the two people that police say helped them are too.

It was a 24 hour search with multiple agencies looking for these two men.

Grovetown, North Augusta, Richmond County, and Columbia County all searched through the night, but it was around 9 this morning.

"I looked out the window and I saw these flashlights looking in our woods and behind our house," said Amanda Schwartz.

The lights that woke up Amanda Schwartz from officers searching for two men that escaped from Grovetown jail around 8 last night. As a mother of two and her husband deployed Schwartz says when she heard two inmates were on the loose her mind started to wander.

"I was thinking okay did I lock my car? Did I lock my shed, Did I set my house alarm? You know all these things just kept running through my head," said Schwartz.

Grovetown Public Safety says 21-year-old Joshua Gray and 24-year-old Michael Davis escaped from the yard of the jail. They shimmied the gate open, hopped the barbed wire fence, then Gray's mother Malisa Self had Samuel Cline Jr. come pick them up.

The two men that escaped came to Knights Inn hotel to try to get a room. The woman working at the desk called the police and thats when they walked across the street, and came here to this Circle K on Washington Road and were arrested by Richmond County Deputies.

Now, the two men are back in jail sitting in these cells under lock and key.

Gray was in jail on a probation violation charge and obstructing a public safety officer charge. He only had to spend 45 days in jail. Davis, also in jail for a probation violation charge and he had to sit behind bars for 196 days. Now, both are facing misdemenor escape charges, and felony interfereing with government property charges. Now, they could possibly add 1 to 5 years to their sentence

"What goes through people's heads when they try to escape from things like this.? Do they know that if i do this they're going to be in here longer?" said Schwartz.

The two that law enforcement says helped the escapees Malisa Self and Samuel Cline Jr. are also behind bars and facing harboring a fugitive charges, and as a mother Schwartz says you always want to help your kids, but when they get in trouble you have let them face the music.

"I believe they have to face their consequences. They have to pay for their actions of what they did they need to learn that in life they're just not going to give everything handed down to them that there are consequences for your actions and i try to teach them that everyday,"

All four people arrested are being sent to Columbia County jail. Grovetown Public Safety officers say this is the first time anyone has ever escaped from that facility, and they're fixing the problem right away. They say they are still investigating to see if any jail employee will be disciplined.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

GROVETOWN (WRDW)- According to the Grovetown Public Safety Facebook page, the two inmates who escaped Friday are now back in custody.

Officers also arrested two people for assisting the two inmates, 21-year old Joshua Gray and 24-year old Michael Davis who investigators say escaped from jail. Melissa Self, Gray's mother and Samuel Cline Jr. have been arrested.

News 12 is working to get more details and will have them as soon as they become available.

Friday, July 25, 2014

GROVETOWN (WRDW) -- Grovetown Public Safety Officers are hoping you've seen two inmates who were supposed to be behind bars.

Investigators say 21-year old Joshua Gray and 24-year old Michael Davis have been missing since around 8:20 tonight.

Officers say a jailer doing a routine check noticed the inmates were not in their cells. The jail is located at 306 East Robinson Avenue.

We've attached mugs shots of the two men provided by Grovetown Public Safety. Investigators say Gray was last seen wearing a dark colored t-shirt and dark colored shorts. Davis was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts.

We're told teams in Richmond County, Columbia County, Grovetown and North Augusta are searching for the two men.

Investigators say Gray was serving time for a probation violation and Davis was behind bars for traffic charges and a probation violation.

If you know where either man is, call any law enforcement.

Escaped inmate Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray, missing inmate in Grovetown
Missing inmate Michael Davis
Michael Davis, escaped inmate in Grovetown
Samuel Cline
Malisa Self

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