Two Aiken churches feel the heat after air conditioners stolen

News 12 @ 6 o'clock / Monday, June 30, 2014

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One Aiken church is feeling the heat after thieves hit four air conditioning units. And not just the copper wire, they took the whole thing. And East Side Baptist Church on Wagener Road isn't alone. Crooks hit another one just five miles away on Old Tory Trail.

For Pamela Davis, East Side Baptist Church means everything. "It's church, it's my home," she said.

She knew something was wrong when another church member told her to bring a fan to Sunday's service. But she wasn't expecting this.

All four air conditioning units were stolen. Some pieces were even left scattered in these woods behind the church.

They aren't the only ones. Just days before, another church, only five miles down the road, also got hit. Someone stole four air conditioners from Mt. Hill Fellowship Community Church too.

But they thought they were safe because their units were locked in behind the fence. "You feel violated. You feel very violated," Pamela said.

For now, it might be eighty-five degrees inside, but for church members like Gregory Scott, a little heat won't keep them out of church. "It's hot, and it's gonna be hot next Sunday but this is God's house and he makes everything all right," he said.

And for whoever did this, the church has a message. "And that is they're always welcome here," said Gregory.

The church does have some estimates to get everything replaced, but it's just a matter of gathering funds.

They need is a permit to transport or sell it and a background check, isn't always necessary. Aiken County deputies say this hasn't been a big problem though.

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