TV show contract made public with RCSO

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Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- One Augusta man claims the Richmond County Sheriff's Office detained him and some friends longer-- just for the TV show cops.

He filmed parts of it on his cell phone camera and it's gone viral online, but tonight -- the sheriff's office is denying those claims.

Augusta Commissioners tell us this is not their first time filming here. Since they'll be here for eight weeks, we're on your side with what to do if you see deputies and cameras.

Hagan and his friends were faced with just that. He saw blue lights, deputies and then a production crew shooting video for the tv show cops. He says they were held for over an hour while deputies searched his car.

"To go through this amount of measures simply because the cameras are rolling, it leaves me to question, what are you doing when the cameras are not on,"

He pulled out his cell phone and recorded it. Hagan then placed it online and it's gone viral with hundreds of likes and shares.

"I've noticed that since the television show has been brought to Augusta area more and more people are being stopped for small reasons. "

Not everybody thinks having the extra spotlight here is such a bad thing. Some Augusta commissioners say the tv show cops just brings to light the danger of the jobs, and portrays many deputies as heroes.

"I don't think it's a negative thing. I think it shows what they deal with on a daily basis," said Commissioner Mary Davis.

"It shows cops doing their job. It actually shows how they put they're life on the line and what they endure day in and day out, " said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

News12 got our hands on the contract between the company shooting episodes for Cops and the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

We're on your side with what it means. First anyone who does not want to be on camera can refuse and Richmond County Deputies cannot force them to be filmed. Second, the contract states camera crews will follow deputies around and that the deputy is in charge.

Last, the Sheriff's Office will be given the final say before anything is aired.

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