Traffic preparations begin as Masters Week gets closer

Traffic jam
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A lot of things makes the Masters -- well, the Masters.

"When I bought my house, I don't think I realized quite what I was getting into," said Meg Harmon, who lives next to Augusta National Golf Club.

And that's the traffic along Washington Road.

It's a nightmare for some, but Harmon considers herself a pro.

"You just know to go places during the day when everybody is parked and try to avoid the traffic in the night and in the morning," Harmon said.

She moved to her house off of Washington Road about 10 years ago, which sits not even a mile from the 18th hole of the Augusta National.

"My driveway's never been blocked, a couple of people who have parked in the front yard, have even knocked on the door and asked, 'Is it OK to park here?'" she said.

It is something she has gotten used to over the years.

"You don't want someone to come to a great event like that and all they talk about is how bad the traffic is," said Steve Cassell, traffic engineer for the City of Augusta.

He is already putting together the master Masters plan.

"We're gonna close the I-20 ramp eastbound at 7:30 a.m. and direct everybody to River Watch and to Alexander," he said. "We've got about 31 changeable message signs."

Those will be scattered throughout the National Hills area.

"We have the ability to change the messages on those, so, if there's a wreck ahead, we inform people about an accident, if there's a ramp closure," Cassell said.

A good thing for some drivers, but for others like Harmon, she doesn't mind getting stuck from time to time.

"One time coming up Alexander, Tiger Woods passing by as I was driving towards home, so, it's kind of exciting to think we could see people as we are waiting in slow traffic," Harmon said.

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