Ticket holder upset over RiverHawk move

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / June 25, 2014

Augusta RiverHawks (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --The RiverHawks are packing up and moving to Macon.

Since the James Brown Arena started having equipment problems over a year ago, the hockey team has been unable to play at home.

Now that they're relocating to Macon and becoming the Macon Mayhem, some people are saying it was bound to happen.

"They don't put enough money into the sport. If they put enough money into the hockey or the baseball...then they would stay in Augusta," said Rometta Fowler, who lives in Augusta.

RiverHawks fan Tom Joiner says the team was bound to leave since they don't have a permanent place to play.

"When it comes to facilities for minor sports...we don't have facilities that are up to date," Joiner said.

Joiner was a season ticket holder for the RiverHawks games, and he says it's time for things to change.

"Unless we modernize and update...whether it's Richmond County, Columbia County or over in North Augusta. I don't think Augusta is going to see the value that it could in minor sports," Joiner says.

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