Three shootings in one week in Allendale

News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Investigators are searching for a pewter color GMC Yukon with tag number 4439FB. They believe the car is connected to a murder that happened last night in Allendale. It's not the only crime the town has had this week. In fact, they've had three shootings in one week, two of them less than 24 hours apart.

Police say the incidents are unrelated, but some are saying enough is enough.

Three shootings all in the same week, is too much violence for Tamika Adderly. "It's too many young kids leaving this world over gun violence at that," she said.

For her, it hits close to home. "A couple of days ago one of my classmates got shot and it just shocked me to death it's just crazy and it's over petty stuff... It's just crazy," Tamika said.

It doesn't end there. A shooting on Mill Street Wednesday night sent one to the hospital. Another person shot and killed on Bluff Road two days later. Less than 24 hours after that, shots fired again, this time on Memorial and Bay Street.

Police found several rounds close to a Hardee's. They say in Saturday's shooting, no one was injured, and no one even filed a complaint about it. But for folks like Tamika, it's still worrisome. "That's why when I come here it's out to the grocery store and then back to the country," she said.

And after all of the violence she says her time in Allendale might be coming to an end. "It's too much. I'm ready to move back to Florida to be honest," she said.

Right now Allendale Police believe all three of these incidents are unrelated. They are trying to increase patrols in the area, but are asking for your help.
If you have any information they ask you to give them a call. They have an anonymous tip line. That number is 803-584-4357.

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