Third party Masters ticket buyers may not get Monday refund

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News 12 at 11 o'clock/Monday April 7, 2014

(WRDW)--It was an exciting morning for Cameron Kneece who surprised his girlfriend, Chasity, with a Monday practice round ticket to the Masters.

"I got on Craigslist and called a few people and I found a guy in Augusta and he had some tickets I thought were a really good price," explained Kneece.

Kneece says he paid $150 for each ticket.

"We went in the gate about 9 am, saw the range and saw some players on the course," he said. "It was fun this morning until the siren went off."

The sirens--directing everyone off of the course.

"We went to the car to wait. We thought we would get to go back in," Kneece said.

But because of the weather--they didn't.

Augusta National is refunding money to those who bought their tickets from the club.

But folks like Kneece who bought from a third party have to reach out to who they bought their tickets from for any hope, which is exactly what he did.

"I sent him a text message and asked him and let him know that they were getting refunded and first priority for tickets next year on Monday," said Kneece. "And he just sent me a message back that said no refunds."

Leaving him out of $300.

"He made the money off of me the first time and now he gets a full refund for what he paid for them and he gets first priority," he said." I figured he would kind of be generous, maybe at least give me face value but...he wouldn't do anything."

Kneece tells me now he's hoping he'll get another shot next year.

"I think it's a good thing that they refund the people that paid for their tickets who they won the lottery. But, for the scalpers...I guess that's their job. They won," he said. "Hopefully I win the lottery next year and get them without any trouble."

Kneece tells me one of the things he and his girlfriend were both looking forward to was hitting the gift shop for souvenirs--another thing they won't be able to get back as Monday ticket holders won't be able to buy from the merchandise tents on Tuesday.

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