3rd homicide in a year at River Glen Apartments has people ready to call it quits

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- News 12 spoke with Property Manager Carolyn Davis who says she's at a loss.

She says she already hires deputies to patrol the area, but people who live there say the violence is only getting worse.

“If it ain't somebody getting shot or hurt, it's somebody getting robbed or beat up,” said an exasperated Shanta Steward.

On Tuesday night it was 21-year-old Demetrius Moore after deputies say they found him on the 200 block of Telfair Street with a gunshot wound.

Steward has lived in the complex for six years and says the history of violence has taken its toll on her.

“If I hear a loud noise, any loud noise -- like they’re building a Dollar General right there -- any loud noise, I'll jump up and look, look over my back, my kids scared, you know, it's crazy," Steward said.

Moore isn't the first victim of violence at River Glen.

There have already been three homicides this year.

The first was in January when 24-year-old Doniel Hicks was shot and killed, and again in February when the same thing happened to 27-year-old Truemaine Jones.

“Down here it's like if you have a dollar on you and the guys, whoever it is going around doing it, if you got a dollar on you and they want it, they gonna get it and they gonna hurt you when they get it," Steward said.

“It's like we in a death zone. We put down here to be killing each other,” neighbor Takisha Cohen said.

Cohen lives in the apartments next door. She says she'd never live in River Glen.

“I would not live in River Glen rent free with a furnished apartment,” she said.

“The first chance I get I’m moving up out of here,” Steward said.

These women say they are worried for their own safety, but their main concerns are for their kids.

“I'm scared for my children ‘cause they don't care if the kids are outside playing, or what, they still shoot,” Cohen said.

Even with a sheriff substation in the management office and extra deputies on patrol, some feel there's only one thing left to do.

“It just be tore to the ground. There's no other option but to tear it down,” Cohen said.

River Glen is privately owned Section 8 housing.

That means the Augusta Housing Authority is not in charge of it.

It's actually owned by a company called PK Management out of Greenville, S.C.

On the back of their card it even urges people to call and report crime, but those in the complex want the management company to do more to protect them. News 12 called them, but they did not respond.

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