Thieves targeting purses locked in cars

News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Saturday, August 30, 2014
AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Many women have always heard putting your purse under the seat or locking it in the trunk was a good way to keep safe. But break ins in broad daylight are proving thieves know to look for those signs.

Glass still litters the area where Christy Barton's car was broken into last week. It was the first game of the season for both of her boys soccer games at the YMCA off Wheeler Road. The last thing on her mind was looking out for thieves tar getting her car. When she and her family came back to the car in between soccer games, she saw the smashed window. "That's when I realized my purse was gone out of the very back of the car," Barton said.

But even sticking your purse under the seat isn't enough if someone has been watching you the whole time. "I don't feel like they could see it from the windows where I had it. I feel like they were sitting in the parking lot watching," she said.

Watching for the perfect moment . Taking her purse, and leaving her uneasy. "They have your picture, your address, information you might have even forgot was in there," Barton said.

Because the thief could see the zip code on her license, they also used her debit card. But that's not what worried her most. "It had his Epi-Pen and his inhaler and I'm just thinking what if we needed that out here," she said.

An event that changed her habits, but reminded her of what's most important. "I can replace a window, but there are some things like your kids, your family, that you can't replace," Barton said.

The YMCA does have a partnership with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. They even have a deputy sub station on sight, but the area the car was broken into was around the back, where there are no security cameras.