The Inside Story: Barrow dishes on new Augusta residence, move to 'get rid' of him

John Barrow
John Barrow sat down with News 12's Chris Thomas for the Inside Story. (WRDW-TV / April 11, 2012)
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News 12 First at Five / Wednesday, April 11, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Congressman John Barrow is now an Augusta resident. He claims the move is all the result of political tampering and an attempt to kick him out of office.

The new redistricting maps have forced Barrow to move a second time.

"It's no big deal for me to move," said Congressman John Barrow. "The thing that I am most concerned about is that 700,000 people have been moved in a patent effort to get rid of me."

Barrow holds a noteworthy distinction in this part of the country. He is last white House Democrat in the South.

"I'm the last one serving in the House of Representatives for the time being," Barrow said. "I'm convinced that's only a temporary state of affairs. The progress of events in this part of the country is such that it is becoming increasingly difficult to draw the district lines so that only one side can win elections."

Barrow insists voters are tired of racially-tinged rhetoric and partisan bickering.

"I think it's my obligation to support President Bush when he is right and to oppose President Obama when he is wrong," Barrow said. "And vice versa."

The congressman claims he doesn't go along to get along.

"I've showed that with my vote on cap and trade when I voted against that," Barrow said. "I've showed it with my on the health care bill when I voted against that three times. I showed it on the pipeline when I voted for the construction of the Keystone Pipeline."

Barrow does feel seniors could face trouble with suggested gradual changes to Medicare and Social Security.

"We don't want to treat seniors like that frog in the pot of water where you turn up the heat so low that it doesn't realize it's being boiled and served up as frog legs," Barrow said.

Congressman Barrow won't be spending much time at home. He travels about 250 miles a day on average. He is on an energy tour this week.