Old Chamber of Commerce building will be in use soon

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News12 First at Five/ Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Big changes are coming to Downtown Augusta. The old chamber of commerce building is about to be put to use.

A full bar, coffee shop and other offices are schedule soon.

Crews are busy sweeping up floors, pulling up carpets and picking up trash hoping to finish up in two months to start the renovation process.

The old Chamber of Commerce building that's been vacant for years and had mold is finally getting a new life.

"We're creating a template or an example of what the rest of the district is going to look like," said Executive Mathew Kwapinetz.

"Well a lot of things are changing and we are excited," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Augusta Regional Collaboration Director Matthew Kwatinetz took us inside. He showed where the jazz club, coffee shop and art gallery will be, once the renovations are complete. If leaders have their way the old Chamber of Commerce building will be open around the clock.

"We're hopeful to get it going. The renovations is going to take a lot longer. In our dreams the renovations will include a roof top bar," said Kwapinetz.

The city spent $100,000 to fund the upgrades. A portion of the proceeds from the bar will be spent on other projects and customers will have the chance to vote on what's next for the program.

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