The door the Riverhawks just closed could open a different one soon

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News 12 at 11 / Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Augusta RiverHawks (WRDW-TV)

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- We haven't seem them in action for months, but now it's official, The Augusta Riverhawks are not coming back. Macon is now home for the minor league hockey team with a new name, the Macon Mayhem. As News 12 reports some believe Macon's gain is not really Augusta's loss

After 21 years of living in Augusta Brete Gunby has learned a couple of things.

"Sports has been a big thing in Augusta. Mostly the golf that's what everybody is into," Gunby told News 12.

He admits golf is king in Augusta and every other sport takes a back seat.

"Pretty much it comes and it goes," he said about minor league sports.

However, going is exactly what the Augusta Riverhawks are doing.
They're packing up and heading to Macon, and Gunby says it's no shock.

"The ice has been broke for a year and they haven't fixed it yet. You got to go where you can get some help and they got to go all the way to Macon," he told News 12.

Mayor Deke Copenhaver says Macon's gain won't bring mayhem to Augusta and the city isn't losing much.

"If you look at the national landscape within minor league sports there's a lot of turnover. There are a lot of teams that don't make it. So, I don't think this speaks ill of Augusta," he said

Copenhaver says Augusta is a major destination for outdoor sporting events, and the door the Riverhawks just closed could open a different one soon.

"Personally we are in the middle of the World Cup and I would like to see a minor league soccer team, here in Augusta. I think that's a growing sport. So, I believe we can look toward that type of announcement in the future," he said

So, if you are sad the Riverhawk's are flying the coop without a goodbye Gunby says it's just a game and life will go on.

"There's nothing else to fill the void, they just got to keep on going," he told News 12.

The Macon Mayhem will call Bibb County home for 5 years and they will hit the ice in the Centreplex for the first game in October 2015.

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