The Columbia County Exhibition Center is open for business

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The Columbia County Exhibition Center is officially open for business. The $7.5 million project was paid for through sales tax.


Community leaders got their first look at the center today. The center is now home to the South Eastern Power Sports Expo. "We are the first one's to sign a contract for an expo with this facility," said Marketing Director for Harley Davidson Shannon Powell.

The Columbia County Exhibition Center hasn't been open a full day and is already booking a regional expo.
Powell says it's an event for people who love outdoors, Haley's, RVS and ATVS.

"We plan to have our initial show here in 2014 and grow every year. As this place grows, we plan to grow right along with it," said

The new space has enough room to hold receptions, trade shows and conventions. The Augusta Tee Center is booking similar functions. It just opened in February of 2013.

"We don't have an attached hotel. We're smaller to and about half the size. I think the smaller groups who don't have a lot of funding will be using our facilities," said Columbia County Manager Sandy Boner.

It took a year to build the center. Leaders are working to keep it packed all throughout the year.

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