City now accepting plans for The Patch

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Will Augusta Commissioners sell, lease or allow another company to come in and manage the city's golf course?
City leaders are split right down the middle on what's next for the course. Mayor Deke Copenhaver recently broke a tie vote to explore other options.

The Patch
A company from Scotland will officially run a formerly public golf course in Augusta. The Augusta Commission approved this during its meeting Tuesday. (WRDW-TV / Sept. 20, 2011)

"The greens are the most important part of the golf game. If the greens are devastated, then there's no goal," said Golfer Michael Israel.

Israel plays at 'The Patch' weekly. He'd like a few upgrades, but doesn't think the city should sell the course. "It would change things for sure, because the bottom line would be a profit. If that's the only option let's keep it the way it is,"

"If it was appropriate I would. I would look at other avenues as far as the patch is concerned," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver's vote broke 5-5 tie, so the city will solicit proposals to lease, sell or manage the patch.

"I'm not gone say either. I'll say I was disappointed with the vote," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The CEO of Griffin Athletics says his company is preparing to submit a bid. "We're fully capable of presenting a plan to the city and working to meet their accommodations," said Anthony Griffin.

While the future of the patch has been in limbo, maintenance has suffered. "Instead of buying new equipment, we're combining old equipment that works. We're not really selling anything. We don't have the beer or hot dogs," said Deputy Administrator Bill Shanahan.

Augusta Commissioners will discuss the issue in the coming weeks.

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