Temporary gas tax freeze saves more than just money at gas pump

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News 12 11pm / Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- It seems like every summer the price of gas goes up, but it looks like drivers in Georgia will be getting at least a little relief. The 15 % gas tax hike that would've started in July won't be considered for another six months. A lawn care company tells News 12 Governor Deal's order to stop the higher gas tax won't just help the business it will also help customers.

When you think about filling up with gas you usually think about a car's tank and not the lawn mover's tank.

"When you are talking about fuel cost for the trucks and equipment. It gets astronomical," Brent Frieze with Southern Nature Landscaping told News 12.

He says the executive order Governor Deal signed Tuesday will save you money and not just at the pump

"We have to pass that on to the consumer. Maybe not hire as many people. Cut hours if we need to and of course, as a small business it's hard to stay afloat when that kind of price is going up and down," Frieze said.

"This is a good time. It needs to go down even more," Diane Gilmore said. She says her SUV takes about 80 bucks to fill up.

The two dollar worth of savings the order will bring her may not mean much to some, but to a grandmother who wants to take the kids out during the summer it means a lot.

"I might be able to do something because the gas is going down, not going up." she said

The 15 percent hike would've been on the tax for gas and not on the price of gas. So, you're saving about a nickel with each gallon.