Temperatures go down, power bills go up

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Friday, Jan. 31st, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- One after another, Georgia power customers arrive to pay their electric bill. The record low temperatures have sent many bills through the roof.

"I'm expecting to get quite a hefty bill," said Igor Bojanovic, a Georgia Power customer.

One Augusta apartment complex even posted signs on doors as a reminder to expect higher bills.

"Yes, it's nice that they tell us instead of just getting hit with a big bill," said Bojanovic.

Igor Bojanovic lives on a small pension and social security so any increase is a strain.

The rates are going up everything is going up, and there's nothing you can do besides not use it and you can't not use it or else you'll freeze.

Georgia Power suggests keeping your thermostat set at 68 degrees.
They say every degree above that it adds 3 to 5 percent to your bill.
The "my power usage app" is also a good way to track your electric costs and know what to expect before your bill arrives.

"Be more cautious of the power that you're using and more aware of the power that you're using," said Rolando Williams, a Georgia Power customer.

You can also check for leaks in your doors and windows,by running your hand around the frame to see if cold air is getting inside.

"Rent increase, electricity increase, everything increasing so yes we feel a strain," said Bojanovic.

If you're still in a pinch in your pocket Georgia Power will try to work with you.

"If they have extra assistance I would love to get assistance," said Williams.

Other little things that can make a big difference, include changing your air filter, making sure ducts and vents aren't blocked, and
even have your ceiling fan go clockwise to push down the warm air.

Both SCE&G and Georgia Power say for people to give them a call and they're willing to help.

They can refer you to some local community agencies or get you set up with some options they offer like budget billing, but they say the key to keeping your bill down is just everyday energy efficiency.

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