Teenagers, adults feel safe in neigborhood after shooting that killed 2

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News12 at 6 o'clock / Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Many who live in the Dogwood Terrace apartments say they are just trying to move on and the shooting that happened Friday night is rare.

Many in the complex say they still feel safe. However, parents and teenagers say they are worried about the perception Dogwood Terrace may get after the shooting.

"That's just a one-time situation. Stuff like that doesn't really happen out here like that," said Michael Cooper, a resident of the complex.

Cooper is just one of the many teenagers who lives, plays and hangs out in the Dogwood Terrace neighborhood. He has lived in the neighborhood for several years and said he's never had to experience what he did last night.

"There's no violence out here like that. It was just that one time," Cooper said.

And while some of the outsiders looking in may find that hard to believe, one of Cooper's friends, who has lived in the complex since childhood, agrees.

"Back then there really wasn't too much going on and now there ain't too much going on. I mean, overall, it's a pretty quiet neighborhood," said Kimani Clark.

Teenagers in the area aren't the only ones who say they feel safe -- most adults say they feel safe, too. But they were still a little too shaken up by the violence to show their face on camera.

"I feel safe. I'm not moving. I love being here. I've lived here five years. I've heard of other shootings but none out here," said a Dogwood Terrace parent.

Another mother, who also didn't want her face shown, agrees. However, she used Friday night's shooting as a teaching moment for her teenage son.

"I took him to see it because this could of been you. That's one of the side effects that can happen and I wanted him to see that. So, maybe that's a wake-up call for him and any doubt or any ideas that he may have that I don't know about," said another Dogwood Terrace parent.

While Clark is glad nothing happened to him or his friends, he doesn't want people in Augusta jumping to conclusions about the place where he was raised.

"Come down here to see what it's like. You can't just judge what you see off of TV," he said.

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