Teacher says students will stay on track after ice days

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News 12 This Morning/Tuesday Feb. 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CO., Ga. (WRDW)--Empty halls and empty desks at Evans High after the ice storm that ravaged power lines and brought trees tumbling to the ground.

Now, students in Columbia County remain home for winter break.

But Linda Rogers and other teachers across the county are in, working to pick up the pieces.

"Before the storm hit, my students were in the library and we were working on a research paper," said Rogers, the English department chair at Evans High.

Rogers tells me she and most of the teachers she's talked to were already making preparations as the ice storm headed our way.

She says most of them were making small changes to their assignments so they could still meet the standards.

"I already anticipated that probably we would have snow days," Rogers explained. "So, I just made modifications before it even hit."

In terms of upcoming testing, Rogers says at this point most students have already come in contact with the material they're required to know.

"In May, we have the End of Course Test in our 9th and 11th grade classes and our teachers have really already covered a lot of the standards," she said. "So, we've covered the standards. We're mostly continuing to reinforce those standards."

And although the missed days will create some change, many are using the continued winter break to find ways to keep up.

"Knowing that some students may still be out of internet or maybe not have power at their homes, I've already computer lab time for my students to have the extra lab time here," said Rogers."When the students come back Wednesday we will be picking right back up where we left off."

No word yet on how make-up days may be handled in Columbia County.

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