Teacher at center of racial flier controversy has rocky past with school

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Monday, March 18, 2013

As we celebrate Black History Month, one parent says the flier is offensive and the language is inappropriate. (WRDW-TV)
As we celebrate Black History Month, one parent says the flier is offensive and the language is inappropriate. (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- We continue our investigation into a teacher disciplined for the way she disciplined some students. It turns out Lori Myles has been in trouble before.

News 12 broke the story about fliers passed out to students at T.W. Josey High school with the N-word on them. The superintendent gave her an official letter of reprimand that she has refused to sign.

Rosa Jennings, a parent of a T.W. Josey High School student, says, "I just couldn't believe a teacher would do something like that in her class."

She is still shocked about the flier her daughter brought home from school about a month ago. It appeared to be a discipline tool, referring to famous civil rights leaders as the N-word.

"We teach our children not to say those things, so I was just surprised to find out the teacher was doing that inside the classroom," she said.

The flier was traced back to Myles' classroom, who is a teacher with 26 years of experience. The flier led to a formal reprimand by the superintendent, but parents like Jennings aren't satisfied with what they're calling a slap on the wrist.

"I felt that she should have apologized to the children and that has not been done," Jennings said.

A look back into Myles' past shows the flier isn't the first smudge on her record. A News 12 investigation back in 2006 showed that Myles had a disciplinary record with at least 10 reports being filed against her at the school level. The discipline reports were for things like not returning or maintaining equipment and not reporting absences.

"I'm just surprised they still have her there teaching. I'm very surprised," Jennings said.

Myles was also accused of trashing her own classroom back in 2004 when she found out that she was the center of an an internal investigation alleging she sold grades. She was cleared of grade selling.

News 12 has requested a copy of Myles' Richmond County school personnel file but has not yet received an updated copy. But after her most recent run-in with the school, parents are saying, enough is enough.

"I really feel like she doesn't need to be a teacher. I don't have any faith or trust in her to teach our children," Jennings said.

Myles did not want to be interviewed on camera but says the controversial flier was not meant to be a discipline tool. She says it was meant to be part of the curriculum.

Martin Luther King Jr. Flier
Martin Luther King Jr. Flier
Rosa Parks Flier
Rosa Parks Flier

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