UPDATE: Suspect denied bond in carjacking, kidnapping case

Leonard Sapp arrested for allegedly kidnapping mother and child/WRDW-TV/September 27, 2012
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News 12 First at Five / Friday, Oct. 5, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- A judge denied bond for 42-year-old Leonard Sapp on Friday.

He's accused of kidnapping a woman and her toddler at an Augusta gas station last week.

The mother, 19-year-old Ashley Nay, says her daughter still has nightmares about the attack.

All you could hear as Sapp entered the courtroom was the faint clinking of chains, but Nay and her 2-year-old have much different memories of Sapp.

"When he was in the cop car, he was like, 'I'm going to get out tonight, and I'm going to come get you,'" she told News 12's Laura Warren.

Law enforcement says those threats haven't stopped. The state told the judge, "Since he's been arrested, he's been making threats against the victim's boyfriend, about what he would do if he got out of custody."

But it doesn't look like he'll be getting out of jail any time soon. The judge concluded the hearing, saying, "He's a threat to the witnesses, I'm going to deny bond."

The ruling came after the judge heard a very vivid account of the details of the carjacking.

The state said, "The defendant reached over and grabbed the 19-year-old's crotch and told her quote, he was going to 'F*** the s*** out of her.'"

Nay and her daughter were able to escape after a good Samaritan pulled her daughter, screaming from the car, but not before Sapp allegedly punched Nay in the face several times, breaking her nose.

Nay says her daughter wakes up screaming, something she never did until this incident.

"I feel better that he's gonna be away, but if he gets out, I'm going to be scared," Nay said.

During the bond hearing, Sapp's family members told the judge he was a good person, but he just has a rough history of drug abuse.

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