Supreme Court makes changes to health care law requirement

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News 12 at 11 / Monday, June 30, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- A big win Monday for some employers and their fight against parts of the Affordable Health Care Act. The nation's highest court rules it's not a company's job to pay for contraceptives. News 12 is on your side breaking down the ruling, what it means for you, and what happens next

The craft store Hobby Lobby is making some people happy.

"I just say hooray for Hobby Lobby for taking the stand," Emily Kerstiens told News 12 outside of the Augusta store.

Kerstiens shops at Hobby Lobby and says she'll keep doing it because the company practices what it preaches.

"Their integrity. For what they stand for. They have a lot of guts and I appreciate them as a business," she said.

A closely divided Supreme Court says companies do not have to pay for birth control if their religious beliefs are against it. The vote, 5 to 4.

"It's reassuring to see that the court supported this very important tenant of the country, freedom of religion," Kerstiens told News 12.

Rita Hamilton is a pro-choice republican. She admits she doesn't agree with every conservative idea, but believes the same court that made Obamacare law finally got one thing right about it.

"The government needs to step back and not put so much control over the American public," Hamilton told News 12.

The federal government will now have to find a way to pay to cover things like the morning after pill or plan b. The health care law requires that both birth control and the morning after pill be an option.

"When you are talking about people's faith and their values that is an overreach to disregard that," Kerstiens said.

So, as she wraps up her trip to Hobby Lobby Kerstiens can't help but imagine what Monday's decisions means for the company's sales

"I think that there will be people that will come that never have come before out of respect for them," she said.

The ruling should not affect many of you already receiving free or no cost birth control. Any company opting out of some options must prove it's doing so on the basis of religious beliefs.

If you need help with birth control contact your local health department
(Richmond County 706- 721-5800) or Planned Parenthood office (706-724-5557).

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