Superintendent on new search: There's disappointment, but I respect the board's decision

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News 12 at 11 / Monday, March 24, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Our area's largest school system is now looking for a new superintendent. Monday night Richmond County board members voted not to renew Dr. Frank Roberson's contract.

Members met behind closed doors for more than 2 hours, before making it official. News 12 was at the meeting where an 8 to 1 vote opened up the search for a new superintendent. Dr. Roberson's contact will end in August.

"I'm very excited about it," that's how Dr. Frank Roberson felt about his job evaluation before things got under way, but when members returned to chambers after a 2 hour closed door meeting, Dr. Roberson didn't get the grade he wanted.

"Any candidate selected will take office upon expiration on the current superintendent's contract, which expires on August 22, 2014," a board member read out loud during the meeting.

After an 8 to 1 vote members decided the Georgia School Board Association should handle the search--a search Dr. Roberson isn't thrilled about.

"There's disappointment, but I respect the board's decision," he said.

Last August a 6 to 4 vote gave Frank Roberson a one year extension, but not this time.

"He's a great man," Monique Braswell told News 12.

Braswell is running for a school board seat and agrees with the boards decision, but wants to know more.

"Let's hope tomorrow they will send a press release or they will have the attorney explain the whole process to everyone," she said.

Despite emergency brain surgery in February 2011 and a temporary modified work schedule after coming back -- Dr. Roberson says he did a good job.

"In the B range. I really feel good on what I've been able to achieve," Roberson told News 12.

But if votes count for anything only one member, Patsy Scott, would support the school superintendent.

"I am not done with educating children, that's my passion. I was placed here to do that," he said.

Dr. Roberson tells News 12 he understands the board's decision and why they choose not to speak to the media afterwards. However, he is still the superintendent and will continue trying to achieve academic success for Richmond County students.

President Venus Cain said they would say more if the media did more than report, in her words, the bad stuff and another member told me all members agreed to keep quiet for now.

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