Tutoring service gives easy fix for summer 'brain drain'

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Ashlie Fortson said that when her child was in second grade, she noticed that she may need some extra help in math.

That summer, she decided to enroll her at Mathnasium to make sure that her mind stayed sharp for until the next school year.

"It's kinda like her summer activity now. It's her special thing that she does every single summer and looks forward to it," Fortson says.

Studies show that that the average child can have a regression of up to 3 months worth of knowledge over the summer.

Owner Jeff Rucker says that during the summer months they work extra hard to try and make the course work is fun for the kids to keep them interested.

"A lot of kids come in here initially with some trepidation like, 'ah gotta do math during the summertime'...I think by the time most of them leave every session they're happy they came," Rucker said.

Employees at Mathnasium encourage using cards to practice multiplication or addition during the summer for anyone that's unable to enroll their child in a tutoring program.