Only on 12: Wife points to popular Augusta principal as cause of husband's heart attack

Dr. Wayne Frazier (WRDW-TV)
Dr. Wayne Frazier (WRDW-TV)
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Monday, Jan. 14, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Just a week after two lawsuits were filed against the Richmond County Board of Education, some students are coming to the defense of Dr. Wayne Frazier. But others say they agree with the allegations, saying stories of verbal abuse from the former Glenn Hills High School principal are all true.

Jonathan Mack, a former student of Dr. Frazier's at Tubman Education Center, says, "He was encouraging me like, stay in school, don't let the streets take hold of you, because you're a good kid. Stay in school, I see it, you're a good kid."

And Mack isn't alone. Helena Jones also went to Glenn Hills High School when Dr. Frazier was there.

"He was the kind of principal that believed in second chances, and he believed in young boys and girls making something out of themself," she said.

But, while he may have looked out for students, some teachers are saying he made their lives a living hell.

Like Nancy T. Whitehead, whose husband used to work for Dr. Frazier.

"He just tore them down," Whitehead said. "I mean, they just didn't feel like they were anything."

She says the principal would embarrass and cuss at her husband and other teachers.

"He'd never been treated like that because he was a person that never got into trouble he never said a harsh word to anybody," she said.

Whitehead said the stress from working for Dr. Frazier changed her husband in very visible ways.

"Paul just got more depressed, seemed like he just lost his zeal," she said. "He just didn't want to do anything, he lost weight, probably 10 or 15 pounds."

Dr. Frazier eventually fired him. Shortly after, Whitehead's husband suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Whitehead said the stress from Dr. Frazier is partly to blame.

"I really think that contributed to his fatal heart attack," she said.

One of the teachers in the lawsuit even holds Dr. Frazier personally responsible for her post-traumatic stress disorder.

But despite the two lawsuits, students say Dr. Frazier may have been harsh, but he was fair.

"Would you want somebody to tell you what you want to hear or tell you what you need to hear?" Mack said.

News 12 spoke with the lawyer representing the two teachers in their lawsuits who says, at this point, they are just waiting for the school board to respond to the lawsuit.

This isn't the first time Dr. Frazier's been in trouble. Back in 2010, he was suspended for a DUI arrest. He's also been given letters of reprimand for negligence over missing funds at Glenn Hills High School and allowing a jail report parody in the school's yearbook.

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