Student run in-school bank provides real world work experience

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News 12 This Morning/Wednesday Nov. 20, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)--"I hope we make history...[and] everyone comes [and] looks up to us," said Nadia Cullars. "We are the first people [who] have ever been inside the bank."

10th grade student Nadia Cullars is talking about the Tigers Vault Savings Bank.

It's the first in-school bank at the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School (TCM).

"It's quite amazing," she said. "We are the first people to be in the bank. We're happy to be here. It's a fun experience."

The in-school bank is designed to teach students the importance of saving money.

But Vaness Barber, business education teacher at TCM, says they'll be gaining even more.

"We have 10 different positions from CEO and president all the way down to greeter," Barber explained. "And the students will rotate within those positions so everybody will have the opportunity to gain experience."

The school is partnering with a local bank and employees there are giving the students real-world training,"and have different experiences to put on the resume," Barber went on to explain.

"We are doing this in conjunction with Capitol City bank so it's valuable, very valuable," she said.

Cullars is opening the bank has President and CEO.

"I just look over the what the branch manager does--check in and check out," Cullars explained. "Just to make sure everything's going smoothly."

She tells me a career in banking is something she's thinking about.

And both Cullars and Barber say the job experience these students are gaining--is priceless.

"It's cool," said Cullars. "We get to show that we have training in it."

"They can perhaps get a job one day [working] in a bank," said Barber. "That's what it's all about. That's why the career tech magnet school is here. We're here in order for the kids to get a trade."

TCM consists of 9th and 10 grade students and the students working the bank are in the 2nd year financial management pathway.

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