State of the University: The future of GRU Augusta

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News 12 First at Five / Monday, March 3, 2014


Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- "I feel like we have more pride in our name now, then we did before," said Courtney Gregory, a freshman at GRU-Augusta.

"I actually quite frankly think Georgia Regents University sounds better than Augusta State," said another student.

Another freshman, Chandler Capps says, "All my expectations have pretty much been fulfilled."

Approval across the board from Freshman at GRU-Augusta, after a strenuous few years of merging two universities into one.

"We've accomplished the consolidation which many people find very difficult," said Dr. Ricardo Azzizz, President of GRU-Augusta.

But students can agree, this transition has been flawless.

"I think the merge and everything they've done to improve the school is actually for the best," said Michelle Ijeoma, a freshman at GRU-Augusta.

The new change is what drew Ijeoma to Augusta.

"They got merged with the medical program, I very much wanted to come here and get to know more about Augusta," she said.

And this is where she plans to graduate.

"Very much interested in being a future doctor," she said.

In its first full year as GRU-Augusta, President Ricardo Azzizz spoke about the past and the future.

"Focusing on increasing our student recruitment," said President Azzizz.

A major part in growing the university and getting students thru the transition and their four years.

"Last year only four percent of our students who came in the fall took 15 credits or more that semester," said Dr. Azzizz.

This year, that number jumped to 40 percent and it's growth that everyone can appreciate.
Ijeoma knows her university could be among the greats, in just a few years time.

"Within the next five years it'll probably be the top maybe schools like UGA or Georgia Tech and actually be a very competitive school to get into in the future," said Ijeoma.