State agency investigating what got into the Savannah River

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News 12 11pm / Sunday, June 1, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A state agency is trying to find out what got into the Savannah River over the weekend.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is looking for the source of an unknown substance some say looks like oil. News 12 spoke to the agency and investigators say they're still not sure what got in the water, but think it's not supposed to be there and if they find out someone did it on purpose they will press charges.

The Savannah River is supposed to be safe and free of large oil or gas slicks.

"If there's something dumped in it that shouldn't be, I hope they find what the cause of that is and take action against them," and that's exactly what the Georgia Environmental Protection Division is doing.

They want to find out where an unknown substance, that some say looks like oil or gas, is coming from.

"If it becomes a garbage dump nobody is going to appreciate the water. It's ugly to look at if there's trash floating in the river. We can't allow that," a river lover told News 12.

We were the first to tell the Savannah Riverkeeper about the mysterious liquid in the water. They are assisting the EPD with the investigation, but the Riverkeeper says they don't think it's oil or gas and it could be something either dumped through a storm drain or even nature

"We definitely want a good river flowing. That's where we get our water from--that's what god blessed us with," said another frequent river visitor.

The Augusta Utilities Department controls how much water the city pulls from the river, so people can use it in their homes. The director tells News 12 they did shut down the intake at the treatment plant as a precaution.

The hope is to find who or what put the unknown substance in the river. It could be nature or it could be man and if it's the latter one river visitor has a message for them.

"It's unfortunate that somebody isn't appreciating the nature that we have here in Augusta. It's a shame," she said.

If you're still seeing weird and unknown things that look like they don't belong in the river, contact the EPD at 1-800-241-4113

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