Some in Aiken Co. community upset over road

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, July 5, 2013

WINDSOR, S.C. (WRDW) -- Recently, on rainy days, portions of Oak Ridge Club Road in Windsor are a mess.

Keith Barton lives on a particularly bad unpaved stretch of the road.

"It's just recently started getting this bad," Barton said. "I'd like to see some drainage ditches put in the side where the water would have somewhere to go."

He says that the recent rain has made the flooding is even worse.

"We were trying to go get groceries a couple days ago when it got real bad, and we stopped because it looked too deep to try, and we seen a truck come, so I said, I'll stop and wait right here and see if this truck get through it, and sure enough, it made it through it, but it was almost up to the headlight," Barton said.

On Friday, it hadn't been raining hard on the road, but News 12 saw puddles accumulating on the sides of the roads anyway.

"If we had an emergency, like if something was wrong with our youngin' or one of us, we need to get to the hospital or we need an ambulance out here, I'd be concerned with them getting down the road because if it gets 2 or 3 foot deep, we not going to be able to get through it in a car," Barton said.

Sharon Stillwell also lives along Oak Ridge Club Road. She said that she saw an ambulance get stuck on the road about a month ago.

Stillwell is also having problems along the road.

"It's almost impossible," she said. "I bought a new car, and I'm having to drive the old truck."

Even though a good portion of this road is paved, the section where a lot of people live is not. Neighbors say large agricultural trucks have also led to the degradation of the road.

"We'd just like to see something done about it. We're taxpayers, and we pay the same thing the people with the pavement pay," Barton said.

Stillwell says she feels the same way.

"I think we've paid taxes, and if you drive on any of the roads in Aiken County, I don't know where our money goes, but I don't see it going to the roads," she said.

News 12 talked to Aiken County Councilwoman Kathy Rawls. She says that the road will not be paved because they couldn't acquire right-of-way from some neighbors. She doesn't believe that flooding is a problem.

Neighbors say that flooding is happening. In fact, they say on Thursday, the Windsor Fire Department had to pump water off the road so people could go down it.

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